Awakening Our Indigenous Wisdom

Creating opportunities to experience a deep connection with the land, each other, and spirit through:

Children and Adult Classes

Community Gatherings

Personal Healing/Coaching Sessions

A place where people come to breathe a deep sigh of relief
and let their spirits shine!

Welcome to Bluebird Hill Homestead!

We are so honored for this opportunity to create a homestead and nature mentoring venue on the land where Heidi grew up! Bluebird Hill Homestead is the expression of every seed we have gathered along our journey so far.

Our mission is to create opportunities for people to experience a deep connection with the land, themselves, and their community. This is not simply learning ABOUT nature, farming, or sustainable living. We are providing an intimate hands-on experience, creating lasting connections through direct sensory immersion and intentional mentoring.

We have started our weekly nature mentoring classes, and are moved to see how the kids soak up every morsel of their experience.

Over the next several years, we plan to build a fully integrated homestead and micro-farm, with a natural built home for our family, permaculture gardens, and small-scale livestock.

A large portion of the land will be preserved and stewarded as wild space and habitat for local wildlife. As these pieces come together, we hope to be a beloved resource for the community. We look forward to seeing you on the land soon!