Welcome Back Earth Warriors Nature Club!

Our Earth Warriors Nature Club started up again today with a lovely group of kids.

Tending gardens and planting seeds for the first day…I had almost forgotten how much I love this life.


Our meander up the switchbacks was a hunt for stones to paint for our garden entrance. These kids made some sweet discoveries nestled in the hill. Quartz and agates, likely right where the glacier dropped them off.



“The best place to paint is nature because there are so many beautiful things.” ~ Asha, age 8



Nests revealed

With the leaves all fallen now, all sorts of abandoned nests are being revealed on the land. Any guesses what type of birds made these four?? I have a few ideas, but don’t know for sure. Here are some hints…

TOP LEFT: Found in a small tree in a marshy area, 2 feet off the ground.
TOP RIGHT: Found right outside the bus, in a stand of wild plum trees, 4 feet off the ground.
BOTTOM LEFT: Found in a large red cedar tree, right outside the chicken coop, 5 feet off the ground.
BOTTOM RIGHT: Found in a wild plum tree up on the ridge, 4 feet off the ground.


Remembering summer…

Remembering when the world had color, and the air didn’t hurt my face. Ahh, breathe in the sweet memories of summer. Thankful for a toasty warm bus on these frigid nights.


Strawberries we picked.


This is the one cedar that had to come down to make room for our house. This hill looks very different now!


Barefoot cousins, playing outside the bus.


Peas from her own garden!


Enjoying the new grass after the spring floods. Can’t you just feel it between your toes?!


Joyful girl!


At one of our favorite spots, Willow River State Park, by the falls.


Chillin’ on the hill.


Oh, the sweet sunshine!


This calendula from our garden is now infused in our coconut oil/beeswax salve, and we get the sunshine joyful medicine on our skin every day!


Finding treasures in the tall grass. A perfect summer day.


Sharing the tickling joy.


Fall colors!

Fairy Tale Mushrooms

These incredible beings came for a visit in the past two weeks. Aren’t they magical?! Jonathan researched them (Amanita muscaria) and found that they only grow in pine and aspen forests. They have taken up residence in our lower stand of aspen. Apparently, they are what made Santa so jolly, and why his reindeer can “fly”.