Miracles from unlikely places

We want to share with you the miracle of our past week, as we know you’ve all been sending good energy our way.  We just want you to know it’s working.

You may have heard the stories about our neighbors from across the street, who have called the zoning office several times to complain about us, and stopped by on occasion to give us a hard time.

Well, they came over last week when our homeschool co-op was over helping us with the house and in the gardens.  They were very upset, wondering who all the people were, and when our house would be finished.  We did our best to be calm and clear, and shared with them that the house won’t be finished until we are able to raise some more funds.  They offered that we should stop over to talk to them about that.  (!!)

So Jonathan mustered up the courage to call them over the weekend and we spent quite a long time talking with them yesterday in their living room, sharing stories and learning about each other.  They generously offered us a small loan, no strings attached, to help us on our way.  It’s enough for us to hire someone to help Jonathan complete the roof and get the windows up.

Now, this is a miracle.  Honestly, I didn’t even know how to respond other than the obvious, “Wow, thank you so much!”.  She even gave me a hug as we were leaving.  But it didn’t really hit me until I was driving home last night.  As I rounded the corner near our place, I saw their lights were on, and instead of the usual inner sigh and bracing myself, I experienced a warm feeling of gratitude.  Truly, a transformation.

If this small miracle is possible in our world, what else is possible?  Where else is there an opening for peace?

Thank you all so much for your continued support and good thoughts!  (It’s working!)

Setting posts

Don’t be fooled by the eager look on those girls’ faces.  They are NOT actually helping.  🙂

Many thanks to our friend, Dan, for his huge help this week!  I found I had to get out of the way, because it was very tricky to get the posts to balance on the bobcat, while lifting and shimmying it into the holes.  Whew!  I’m glad this phase is complete!


The posts are here!!

That’s right!  The posts have arrived!!  Can you even believe it?!  After all this time, it seems like a mirage that they are actually here!

Many thanks to our extremely patient apprentice, Shelley, for her continued help this season.  While I was busy trying to keep the kiddos out of the way (and not doing a very good job of it), she and Jonathan managed to get the system down for setting the first 3 posts.  Only 30 more to go!  Hopefully, it will start to go a bit quicker now that they worked out a good strategy.


Do you see all those changing colors in the landscape?  Yup, Mother Nature is reminding us daily of the shifting seasons.  (Scarlet keeps noticing too and reminding us that it will soon be her 4th birthday.  She knows she is named after the intensely beautiful color of the leaves on the day she was born.)

Soon enough the snow will fly.  And how far will we be on the house when this happens?  That is the looming question for us.  Stay tuned for updates!

We have some really good news!

Have you heard the news??  We passed our initial building inspection last month!  And we have some other really good news to share, too!  An amazing investor has reached out and loaned us the initial funds to get the insulated outer shell of the house complete…possibly by winter!  We just placed the order for the posts and roof lumber yesterday!  Yahoo!!!

We have, however, continued to face some hurdles to with the inspector, getting approval for our unconventional building materials and methods.  The latest is that we need to send in another $1200 to apply for a special exception to build our below grade wall with earthbags.  (The other option is using treated, AKA toxic, lumber.)

As deeply frustrating as these hurdles are, indulging in the drama, of course, does no good.  It is good practice for us to learn to be awesome in the face of these challenges.  (Exhausted sigh.)

In case you missed the short video tour of the house site and building plans, you can watch it HERE.

Breaking ground!!

We were able to get the topsoil scraped away into a pile, and then separate the next 12 inches of clay into another pile.  (We’ll use this clay later as it’s the perfect mix for our cob rocket stove inside the house.)  All and all, a pretty exciting day!