A Supply Run to Standing Rock

The girls and I had the great privilege of delivering some much needed winter supplies this weekend to the thousands of people in North Dakota protecting the water from the proposed oil pipeline.

Much of our time there this weekend felt too sacred to document with photos…Sharing food and gratitude around the fire, helping at the camp kitchens with dishes, meeting many new friends from all over the planet who are doing this brave and necessary work.


It was deeply moving to see so many indigenous people from not only Turtle Island but all over the world now, come together in this way. The beautiful flags line the entrance to camp and the energy is hard to describe in words. Over 260 Nations are represented (with more arriving every day), the largest of any such gathering since Wounded Knee in 1973.

I will say that the supplies we brought…lumber, firewood, a wood burning stove, and much more…were met with full gratitude, and sometimes even baffled amazement at the support pouring in from many directions.

My girls had many questions. “Why are all the United States flags upside down?” “Why doesn’t the government just tell the oil company they can’t do that?” “Why are some people so greedy? Don’t they see that they are hurting people?” I did my best to answer but there were some hard questions.

Contrary to some news floating around on FB, construction has not stopped as Obama “requested” within the 20 mile area on either side of the Missouri River and the sacred sites. There is a commitment to peaceful but direct action every day at the sites. And there are several lawsuits pending against Dakota Access for their avoidance of following legal protocol with permits and construction, so any donations to the legal fund and the camp are hugely appreciated.

If you feel called to go, do it. Your presence and support would be most welcome. Go with a humble heart, show up in service and with an ear ready to listen.

This is not just about water. This is about choosing care for the planet and the people over greed and power.

This is history in the making, and most news sources aren’t even mentioning it.

When we stopped at the gas station before driving home, the headline on the local paper was something about the construction deadline being delayed because the native folks are causing trouble. And the extra cost that would be for the company. Wow.

So please continue sharing and spreading the word.

It’s long overdue that the Earth and the indigenous people of this planet are treated with the respect they deserve.

What kind of world do we want our children and grandchildren to inherit?

Lily & the Fox is at the printers!

A giant thank you to everyone! We did it!

The file was delivered to the printers just in the nick of time on Monday, and the UPS truck arrived this morning with the proofs already! We are on track for delivery in time for Christmas!

Please keep sharing the GoFundMe campaign…I still need to pre-sell 78 more copies by December 10th to pay the balance for the printers. Thanks so much for all your support with this!!


At the Homestead: We have a roof!

Wow, a lot is happening over here all of the sudden!  After so much time feeling stuck with the progress, it feels incredible to be moving forward on both the house and the next book.

We actually finished the roof!  And by “we”, I mean Jonathan and all the incredible help he has had from friends and family.  It even poured rain yesterday, and it didn’t matter…because we have a roof now!

So, as promised, here are some photos of the house as it’s coming together.

The insulation went down really fast last Sunday, with the help of many friends.  Then the rubber under-layment had to be stretched out straight on a curved roof…super fun.

And then came the beautiful copper roof!  (We found it at a 2nd hand lumber store, and I was so excited to have this yummy color!)

Now that the curved edges are all cut, and the trim is in place…it is officially done!

So, as Jonathan has been working on the house every ounce of daylight, I’ve been doing the night shift finishing the illustrations for Lily & the Fox so the books can be printed for Christmas.

Thank you to all of you who helped me raise over half the goal in 24 hours!  That’s incredible!  I’ve only got 3 more days to get all the illustrations complete, and to raise the the rest of the deposit for the printers.

If you haven’t already, please check out the campaign and pre-order your signed hardcover copy at 25% off the cover price!


I just need to pre-sell 43 more copies to be able to get the printing started!  I would be so very thankful if you could share this campaign with anyone you know who has kids in their lives, (or kids at heart).

In case you missed the scoop on the book…

This fully illustrated 8.5″x11″ hardcover book is perfect for elementary aged kids, but is a story for all ages.  Lily is a shy girl, and is too timid to make friends with the boys at her fishing spot (you may remember them from the last book!).  But after a meeting with a wild red fox, Lily learns to be brave and reach out for new connections.

You can pre-order your copy HERE.

I am so excited to see all this coming together!  Both the house…AND the book!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!