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Our Mission Is:

Creating opportunities for people to experience a deep connection
with the land, each other, and spirit through our:

Children & Adult Classes

Healing & Mentoring Sessions

Community Gatherings

& Medicinal Herbs

Where people come to breathe a deep sigh of relief and let their spirits shine!

If you love this planet we all share and want some inspiration for getting outside and
cultivating that connection…you have come to the right place!

I know all too well how the obligations and “busyness” of life can thwart our deepest commitments to our family and our own well-being, but what if cultivating this sweetness didn’t take a lot of time, or a complicated trip to the wilderness?

What if there were a few simple but profound tools to shift your experience right away…TOGETHER in nature?

My family and I have taken some dramatic steps to live more in alignment with the planet and our values, (including but not limited to, living under a tarp in Kauai with 3 daughters under age 5!)  Along the way we’ve learned many lessons about connection including what fosters more of it and what keeps us from experiencing it.

The most important lesson learned is that it DOESN’T need to be COMPLICATED!

Nature is all around us…just waiting for us to reconnect.

It’s the gifts that we’ve learned along the way that we hope to share with you, both on the pages of this website, and if we have the pleasure of a visit from you to the Homestead itself.

For those of you with kids in your life, check out this (free) video series about
cultivating your connection with nature TOGETHER as a family:

Cultivating Family Nature Connection


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