Things I Do & Don’t Miss On Our Off-Grid Homestead — 1 Comment

  1. I totally LOVE this article, every single word. Oh’s and ah’s and “yeah, rights” and that knowing raising of eyebrows as I read non-stop. You have seriously make me feel so happy about any of the things I have done so far to be in harmony with my sibling planets and elements of the universe…all whom I know are in Sacred Communion with us… and continuum of communication that we do hear with our inner ear. You make it real and doable to think how I can do more in the line of not wasting, and recycling. One of my toilets has cost $90 (so far) to get it to stop running and this morning I was just about ready to toss it out and use the hole in the floor!
    It started acting up again and now I’m not kidding about replacing it with an earth-friendly version. Your description of Luggable Loo makes so much sense to me! If my guests had no choice but to use it, perhaps they would really consider making some significant change themselves. I love your whole family!

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