You guys, I am still in shock over what has transpired in the past few weeks…

We’ve been getting by with a little 180 watt solar panel system for the last couple years (it was an upgrade from nothing!) and recently it stopped charging my batteries properly.

So, I reached out to an old friend who has a solar panel installation business to see if he’d be willing to stop out and trouble shoot it for me. Turns out, my charge controller got zapped in a lightening storm likely this fall and was kaput.

Well, he offered to reach out to some of his vendors to see if they had anything they’d be willing to help me out with.

Holy cow, people! I can’t even believe it!

The girls and I were just gifted a $5500 brand new system!

We now have 1140 watts of panels (they are scratch and dent so couldn’t be sold but are in perfect working condition) and 2 top of the line 24 volt batteries (brand new but had been sitting on the shelf too long to sell)!

I only needed to pay for some of the new technical pieces to put it all together, and a dear friend offered to pay for it for me!

So we suddenly have more power than we know what to do with! I ran the vacuum yesterday!! And we can have lights now!

I seriously don’t even know what to do with myself.

This opens up so many possibilities for us, including me being able to do my computer work (WordPress website design) from home so I can stay here to stoke the fire!

A huge thank you to:
Craig Tarr of Energy Concepts
David Fries of Werner Electric (panels)
Steve Belisle of Bae Batteries
Chris Jarosch of Carr Creek Electric for the installation labor
And my dear (anonymous) friend for paying for the necessary pieces

We are so thankful!


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