Apprenticeship Program


“To apprentice with Heidi is to be on the receiving end of a soulfulness that transmits her love of life lived close to the land and to the elements, and to making a better day for her three girls and all the others who benefit from time on Bluebird Hill. Our communication was easy, our schedules flexible, and projects were in steady supply, so we set about crafting a summer plan where the learning was in the doing.”

~ Margie, Apprentice in 2017



Each season, we offer 1 or 2 openings for a custom apprenticeship.

We have many opportunities for hands-on learning at the homestead, whether it’s through: 

Nature connection classes for kids
Medicinal herb gardens
Off-grid living
Natural building
and more…

We can create a mentored learning space for your passions.


Please use the contact form below to request an interview and see if apprenticeship is a mutual fit.

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