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Each book in this series is about a child connecting with an animal in nature who helps them with a challenge in their life.  The books are written for elementary school aged kids, but they are stories for all ages.

Peter & the Owl – Book 1

The Story~
Peter’s friends from school have betrayed him, and in dealing with his heartbreak, he finds himself in the forest behind his house. Through several meetings with a majestic barn owl, Peter learns compassion for himself and the courage to face his friends.

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Lily & the Fox – Book 2

IMG_8021The Story~
Lily is a shy girl, too timid to make friends with the boys at her fishing spot (you may remember them from the last book!). But after a meeting with a wild red fox, Lily learns to be brave and reach out for new connections.

Signed Hardcover – $19.95
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