Spring Equinox: How is Life Renewed?

It’s finally Spring!  The Spring Equinox marks the day when light and dark are again equal, just like in the fall but now the days are getting longer.

It’s a time of renewal and new life, as all the plants awaken from their winter sleep.

This week we are going to add a breath of fresh air to our life and take notice of the ways nature renews itself.

Check out the video below to hear more:


This is definitely a week to get outside and celebrate!  Can you feel the Spring Fever?

Here are some ideas to take advantage of the renewed energy together:

  • Count how many signs of spring you can find
  • Do some spring cleaning of your own yard and home
  • Clean up litter at a local park or river

Be sure to make note of your adventures in your nature journal!


Ok, I know it seems counter intuitive to do some spring cleaning and then set up a way to intentionally get dirty…but wow, there’s no better way to awaken the senses in the spring than playing in the mud!

Supplies needed:
Small table
Variety of kitchen utensils

1. Set up a table outdoors, or even a board on some concrete blocks.

2. Add a couple stools, chairs or even stumps for seating.

3. Supply your kitchen with any extra pots and utensils, or make a quick trip to the thrift store for a fun variety.

4. Add dirt and water and get creative!


(Choose one each day and either answer together around the meal table, or write about it in your family nature journal)

1. What do you most appreciate about the renewal of spring?
2. Were there any signs of spring that surprised you this week?
3. What lessons about life can we learn from the way nature renews itself each spring?
4. What is your favorite way to renew your own space?
5. What ways can you help Mother Nature do her spring cleaning?
6. With all your spring cleaning this week, what are you making fresh space for instead?
7. What changes have you noticed in nature this week?


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