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As a shamanic practitioner for the past 18 years, my primary role is facilitating your own reconnection with your personal power.

In life…trauma (both personal and ancestral), stress, or just living in our modern world can cause a disconnection from our authentic selves.

When life feels stuck, stagnant, or you find yourself depressed, anxious, confused, or repeating unhealthy patterns as if on an automatic loop, it can be a sign that something is out of alignment on the spiritual level.

Dis-ease, as it is commonly called, is often simply a disconnect from our true source.  When we deal with issues only on the physical plane, or emotional plane, we often miss the core of the issue which resides in the spiritual realm.  Only when we truly affect change on this level will there be lasting and significant growth.  The work of shamanic healing is to identify and help clear the blocks that stand in the way of our greatness.


What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual practice, found in every part of the world.  It is not a religion or dogma.  It is a nature-based path of direct connection with Spirit.

It is simultaneously a path of reclaiming personal power and learning to walk humbly upon the Earth.  It answers the questions:

Who am I for the village? 
How can I live in right relations with Spirit?


What is a typical session like?

Sessions are done in person, by phone or via Zoom.

A typical session includes the following:

  • In-depth interview
  • Chakra clearing and rebalancing
  • Luminous energy field reading and clearing
  • Soul retrieval and/or power animal retrieval
  • Shamanic drum journey
  • Homework to aid in the integration process
  • Follow-up phone call or email


Exchange: $125 (session is typically 1.5-2 hrs)

For financial concerns, read about our sliding scale policy here.

Heidi has experience working with adults as well as children of all ages.

She is currently providing personal sessions at her home:

Bluebird Hill Homestead
456 Old E East
Hudson, WI 54016

To schedule a session, please call or email Heidi at (612)910-9756 or heidi@bluebirdhillhomestead.com.


Advanced Shamanic Mentoring

Heidi also offers Shamanic Mentoring for those who have received an initial healing session with her and would like to develop an ongoing mentoring relationship.  These sessions can be in person, over the phone, or via Zoom, and can be used as a “tune-up” or to focus on your ongoing spiritual development.

Contact Heidi to discuss your specific needs.

Heidi’s Journey

Heidi Madsen was initiated onto the shamanic path more than 20 years ago, after a series of soul-shaking events.  She found guidance initially with a world-renowned shamanic healer, Myron Eshowsky, who mentored her in the way of the shaman, learning to journey, retrieve soul parts and power animals, and extract crystallized energies.  She is also trained in the art of space clearing, releasing old patterns and negative energies that become trapped in the earth and our surroundings.

Then in 2011, she completed an intensive apprenticeship program with Chandra Porter of Sonco Via in the lineage of the Q’ero shamans of Peru and is now an initiated mesa carrier.

Her work is a weaving of all these powerful threads, providing a deep and transformational healing experience.

Heidi also continues to work closely with Chandra, as well as other trusted mentors. The healing path is never complete.



Jennifer R. says:
“Let me start my feedback about Heidi’s healing by saying that it has worked miracles in my life.  I received a gift certificate from someone else who had benefited from Heidi’s gift and I am so thankful she gave me that certificate so that I could benefit from the miraculous changes in my life by having Heidi work with me.  And I did just say “with me” rather than “on me” because I have felt that from the first session I went to that she involved me during the session and followed up with me after the session.
Without going into full detail I will tell you that I had brain surgery that left me with some really long-term problems with stress that none of my doctors understood or could do anything about and I was fairly frustrated and stressed out a good majority of the time.  However, since I have worked with Heidi the problem of the constant stress I was having has miraculously disappeared and stayed gone!  It is a miracle that I can’t begin to say how thankful I am for.  I went to Heidi for a few sessions and after each one I felt greatly improved and not only did I get her help during the session, but she would also email me with follow-up due to my very short-term memory from the brain surgery.  I have been impressed with her healing and thoroughness.  I highly recommend allowing Heidi to share her healing blessings with you.”
Jodi C. says:
“I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, however, I knew I was drawn to a session and am I ever glad I responded. Heidi is extremely gifted. She patiently listened to what I “Thought” might need attentions, shared, and listened to guides providing an amazing and powerful session. I DEFINITELY walked away feeling an immense energy shift. I would/and will recommend Heidi to as many people as I can, as well as, be going back for another session myself. I am Thankful for the gifts Heidi was able to share with me. Heidi is a MUST TRY….even if you do not have a clear understanding of Shamanic Healing (I hadn’t a clue) . Go and Be Blessed with a rewarding Healing Session!”
Lisa H. says:
“We all need support and guidance in this journey of life.  Support is needed to change old patterns, to see ourselves as a beautiful integrated whole, and to move forward with the thought patterns and intentions that lend to living our most fulfilled life.  Heidi has a true gift to support this process. She offers not only enlightenment and a thoughtful perspective but specific home strategies.  The strategies may include reflection and honoring of your personal history.  It may also include learning to use the energy forces all around to ground yourself so that you are better prepared to make choices that propel you forward in the direction of wholeness in living.    Heidi has personally helped me see the gifts I have to offer more clearly and has supported me in seeing the possibilities so I can make choices that support maximizing my gifts and leading a more fulfilled and joyful life.  Heidi has an amazing healing gift!”
Toni G. says:
“Heidi has a gift that she shares in her healing. She listened to my insights on my issues and gave me information that allowed me to step further onto a path of healing. Understanding Shamanic Healing is not necessary, but she is willing to explain what she does. She works with your guides and energy and gives you tools to use going forward. Give her a try! You will be blessed!”

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