New Moon Herb Sessions


Saturday, June 1st, 10am-3pm

Join us for a day of Plant Medicine at the Homestead.  We’ll gather in the kitchen in the main house, explore the gardens, and have time during lunch for a wander in the woods.

*Register for the morning or afternoon session, or both for a discounted rate.

Natural Bundle Dyeing with Plants

plus bonus New Moon Woad seed planting!

Join me in making your own naturally dyed silk scarf with colors from the kitchen and garden. We can capture the gorgeous hues of the season and reflect them in our clothing, just in time for the colorful spring and summer season.

Bring any plants you may have from your kitchen and gardens such as: eucalyptus, hibiscus, rose petals, turmeric, lavender, sage, marigolds, nettles, blueberries, mint, or other hues you would like to experiment with, and we will forage the land at Bluebird Hill Homestead to look for natural dye plants as well!

Bonus session will be broadcasting Woad seeds together as we cultivate local indigo right here in our own fibershed!

(Bring any plants you have listed above, all other materials provided)


Taught by Libby London of Northern Dyer

Dandelion Cordial

Delicious, earthy, a ray of sunshine after the dark of winter. Traditionally, a small glass of dandelion cordial would be sipped before bed as a liver tonic.

Join us as we each make our own jar to take home, as well as learn how dandelion is a versatile powerhouse of spring nutrition.  It supports detoxing of winter storage and a plethora of medicinal properties. 

The perfect spring ally to let go of the L-O-N-G winter and bring in the sun!

(All Materials Included)


Taught by Phyllis Jaworski of Sacred Ibis Botanicals

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Questions?  As always, you can reach me at