New Moon Herb Sessions


Sunday, September 29th, 10am-3pm

Join me for a day of Medicine Making at the Homestead.  We’ll gather in the kitchen in the main house, and have time during lunch for a wander in the gardens.

*Register for the morning or afternoon session, or both for a discounted rate.

Fire Cider

Fall is the perfect time to prepare our immune-boosting remedies for the season ahead.  This powerful health tonic is made with apple cider vinegar and several well-known traditional herbs and common kitchen ingredients. Making this traditional remedy is also a form of activism, defying the company that unethically trademarked the traditional name “Fire Cider” and actively harasses herbal businesses that make and sell it.  

You’ll leave with your own beautiful jar of Fire Cider.

(All Materials Included)


Homemade Herbal Syrups

Herbal syrups are a traditional way to make some less tasty medicine more palatable, but they are also a playful way to dress up drinks, either alcoholic or not.  We make our herbal syrups with the kids and then pour over ice and fizzy water for a homemade soda drink…an absolute favorite during our summer camps!  We’ll learn about several of the fun ways to use herbal syrups, as well as some suggestions for different plant medicine to use.

You’ll leave with your own jar of syrup with herbs we harvest together from the gardens.

(All Materials Included)


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Led by Heidi Madsen of Bluebird Hill Homestead

Questions?  As always, you can reach me at