Wish List & Contributions

We are quite clear that this entire Homestead only exists due to the generous support from our community!

Since starting our first kids classes in 2012, dozens of families have received scholarships through your generous contributions!  And all of our infrastructure here has been created with the sweat and financial support of many of you!  Thank you so much for making this all possible!

You can make a one-time or ongoing monthly contribution below:

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Your Price: $ 


The following is our Wish List of Tools and Materials that would greatly help us maintain the land for our classes, develop the gardens, and move forward on the crucial building projects this year.  If you have access to any of these things and would like to donate them to the homestead, we would so appreciate it!


  • Riding mower with trailer attachment
  • Erosion mat for seeding the hillside – HERE
  • Prairie seed mix
  • 25′ & 50′ soaker hoses