Village Nature Club


(Spring Dates COMING SOON!)

“This place is awesome! Can we live here?” ~Riley, Age 6

Join us for a day of Nature Play at the Homestead!  Plan for some nature connection games, an art project, some quiet time in the oaks, and a little plant medicine fun!

*Registration is donation-based.  All proceeds go toward building our new farm stand!


What to Expect :

By popular demand, we are hosting another day of nature play for all ages!

This is an opportunity for all you grown-ups to experience the adventure the kids in our nature camps have every time they are here.

Pack a backpack with your picnic lunch and prepare to hike the land together.

To reserve your spot, scroll down to fill out the registration form/waiver below and then make your donation below:

Donations of all sizes are welcome.
For comparison, our nature club for kids is $30-45/child, but please pay what works for you, especially if you have multiple people attending.

Number of Adults and Children Attending:
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Rain Date :

We will proceed if there is light rain in the forecast, but if storms are imminent, we will reschedule for Sunday, October 27th.


Please contact Heidi at or (612)910-9756.



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