Have you heard the news??  We passed our initial building inspection last month!  And we have some other really good news to share, too!  An amazing investor has reached out and loaned us the initial funds to get the insulated outer shell of the house complete…possibly by winter!  We just placed the order for the posts and roof lumber yesterday!  Yahoo!!!

We have, however, continued to face some hurdles to with the inspector, getting approval for our unconventional building materials and methods.  The latest is that we need to send in another $1200 to apply for a special exception to build our below grade wall with earthbags.  (The other option is using treated, AKA toxic, lumber.)

As deeply frustrating as these hurdles are, indulging in the drama, of course, does no good.  It is good practice for us to learn to be awesome in the face of these challenges.  (Exhausted sigh.)

In case you missed the short video tour of the house site and building plans, you can watch it HERE.


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