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Adult Classes 2016:

We are thrilled to be hosting herbalist Cynthia Thomas of Sacred Journey Healing Arts again this season!

She will be teaching a 2-part:

Introduction to Herbal Medicine
Saturday, May 14th

Come just for the morning Plant Walk, or stay for the afternoon Medicine Making session too!

Medicinal Plant Walk and Identification

HoaryPuccoonWe will start the day with a medicinal plant walk, identifying the many wonderful plants popping up on the prairie and in the woods and wetland.

Cost: $15
Date: Saturday, May 14, 10am-12pm
Taught by: Cynthia Thomas, Herbalist, BS

Introduction to Medicine Making

Spend the afternoon learning the basics of herbal medicine, and gaining insight into how to begin working directly with the plants for personal and family health. We will talk about how to grow, sustainably harvest, preserve and use herbs. We will introduce methods for making teas, tinctures and several topical applications. Each student will bring home an herbal preparation that we will make as a class.

Cost: $40
Date: Saturday, May 14, 1:30-4:30pm
Taught by: Cynthia Thomas, Herbalist, BS


OR Register for:
BOTH Sessions
(and pack your lunch for a picnic in between)
Cost: $50

Also, we are honored to once again be a host site for a 6-Month Intensive
with Sacred Journey Healing Arts!

Foundations of Sustainable Herbalism

CynthiaThomaswith Cynthia Thomas, Herbalist, BS

A 6-Month Seasonal Intensive
—10 Saturdays, May to October

I am again happy to announce this exciting opportunity to dig deep into the roots of herbalism, feed our minds, get our hands dirty, and grow our Spirits. This course will cover the foundations of herbalism, with an emphasis on sustainability through reverence and mindfulness. Throughout the seasons we will explore: the medicinal plants (common and not-so-common, native and non-native) and the body systems they heal; identification and uses for bioregional and world herbalism; sustainable growing and harvesting;  medicine-making; intuition and deep listening; first-aid; nutrition; botany; energetics of herbs and illness; and more. Most of the teachings will be from a Western European and Native American perspective, with an introduction to Ayurvedic and Chinese principles.

Learning Objectives:

  • Sustainability and Stewardship –  Learn how to care for the land and plants to ensure equal or greater abundance for future generations.
  • Plant Identification – Learn how to use the tools of botany to identify plants you don’t know, as well as learning plants by sight.
  • Materia Medica – Learn names, identification, history, uses and cautions of over 50 medicinal plants found locally, and from around the world.
  • Body Systems Basics – Learn the basics of what each of our body systems does and which herbs have affinities to healing them.
  • Medicine Making – Learn a wide variety of ways to preserve, prepare and use medicinal plants, including teas, tinctures, salves, flower essence and more.
  • Cultivation and Harvesting – Get hands-on experience with tending, harvesting (including wildcrafting), and processing herbs along with methods of building soil, permaculture and intentional “wilding”.
  • Plant Meditation and Mindfulness Learn to use meditation as a tool for connecting and listening to the plants and the land for ways we can help each other and be in right relationship.


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Personal Permaculture

IMG_3566Permaculture isn’t just for the garden!  Learn how the principles of permaculture can help us create a thriving life and build connections with our communities, both locally and globally.  We’ll look closely at the important areas of our lives, and mindfully redesign our environment and what’s possible for us within it.
Plan for a rich conversation and an opportunity to dive deep into what matters most to you.
You will leave with:
  • A detailed map of your life and its important elements
  • A clear sense of direction for an inspired future
  • The first tangible steps to designing a thriving life

Cost: $15

Nature Connection in the Modern World

IMG_2360In the constant hum of the modern world, developing a deep personal connection with the natural world is more important than ever.  In this experiential class, we will practice some powerful tools for aiding this relationship, as well as discuss some of the pitfalls of modern life that tend to sabotage it.  Discover how this first principle of permaculture (1. Observe and interact with nature) can transform your life, restoring health and spiritual well-being, so you can get on with making the difference you were meant to make for this planet!

You will leave with:
  • Fresh inspiration for your own connection with nature
  • A distinction between “nature knowledge” and nature connection
  • Simple tools to integrate into your life immediately

Cost: $15

Fox_study_6Connecting with Your Animal Totem

Have you ever noticed a particular animal showing up in your life when you are struggling with something?  Learn how to meet and connect with the wisdom of an animal spirit, to help bring balance and healing to your life.

Cost: $15


We are honored to be teaching another fun class this season through PRI (Permaculture Research Institute):

Natural Building: Techniques, Codes, Zoning
J1936x2592-02662Tour some real examples of natural building, including a “timber in the round” chicken coop, a cob rocket stove in our cedar cabin school bus, and an earth-bermed off grid home (building in progress).  We’ll discuss some of the issues with current codes and zoning, and the solutions we’ve found that work within the current system.  AND…we will get our hands dirty with a real experience with cob building!
You will leave with:
  • Inspiration!
  • Clay under your fingernails
  • An empowered connection with building

Location: Bluebird Hill Homestead
Cost: $50 (Pre-registration required)

ScarletandHenHappy Chickens 101

Not just about keeping chickens, this is how to keep them HAPPY, free of the common problems that arise in small backyard flocks.  We’ll share all the tricks we know to caring for your flock in an organic way.  (We’ve been raising hens for over 8 years, both in urban and rural settings.)

Cost: $15


Compost Magic

Oh the joys of taking waste and creating amazing garden soil!  Did you know there are more living organisms in one teaspoon of good compost than all the life above ground on the planet?!  This crucial element for successful gardening can be simple and fun.  You’ll leave with an understanding of how to implement this alchemy in your own garden right away.

Cost: $15

No-DigGardeningNo-Dig Gardening

Sheet composting, lasagna gardening, these are all names for creating thriving top soil by adding layers of organic material.  Learn this simple but powerful method for building a successful garden teeming with life.

Cost: $15


How to Build Rabbit-Proof Cedar Raised Beds

Tired of sharing your veggies with the local rabbits?  Got poor soil quality or drainage?  Want an attractive way to contain your garden?  Learn the why’s and how’s of raised bed gardening while we assemble a cedar raised bed together.  You will leave with a detailed plan to build your own at home.

Cost: $15

Gardening for Moms

How to design a beautiful yet low maintenance garden for the busy lifestyle of motherhood, and most importantly…how to design a kid friendly space that inspires our children’s wonder and appreciation of the natural world.

Cost: $15

FireClassTending our Inner Fire

How do we keep our inner fire stoked?  What fuel is best for our soul’s purpose?  And how do we know when to add the breath of inspiration?  This is fire-making in the modern world.  All this through real-life fire building and tending skills.

Cost: $15