A Prayer Request for Jonathan’s Vision Quest — 13 Comments

  1. This sounds like a great and powerful experience. I wish Jonathan the best. Where does one do such a thing as a Vision Quest anyway?

  2. Aloha brother…… I pray that your vision quest brings you the answers your looking for. I have always felt such a strong spiritual connection with you ever since you came out of the bushes at Pila’a. You and I connected immediately. I wish I was more present in your life now…. But now as always I love you and pray for your highest in all that you do. Blessings brotherly spirit guide you always. Soooooo many prayers to you and your family

    • Mahalos! I feel a great connection with you too. Man, I did get my fill up on vision. I had already received more than I thought I would in total just preparing for the 48 hours, let alone what happened in there! I can’t wait to talk sometime soon 🙂

  3. Brother Jonathan,
    These are deep times and I know many of us who are being called upon, right now, to go within and align ourselves with our highest truths and power. I commend you for saying yes to this calling. May your journey bring you to the light and a deeper recognition of the true voice of your personal divine guidance. May we all rise up together to usher in the highest potential of these seasons to come. Blessings to your family for supporting you on this journey. May you be gifted with the insight and tools to carry you all forward with grace and harmony, all your days to come.

    • Thanks Jason, I’m glad you made it back home, I’m sure you discoved much on your own quest! I did recieve many answers and guidance towards my work here. And now the work!

  4. Dear Jonathan, I wish you clarity of mind and a peaceful heart, as you are infused with Spirit! Be gentle and kind to yourself, knowing that the Force is always with you.

    Peace to you and yours,

    Dina and Paul

  5. Thank you for taking this time to honor the self. By opening all parts of you to great spirit and mother life. We all have great impact. By you healing and open those loving vibrations ripple out and touch us all. Sending my love!

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