Kindness: What Ripples Out?

The theme of kindness is woven in every week here, but let’s talk more specifically about the consequences of the energy we put out into the world.

We all wake up crabby some days, and get angry or frustrated.  But what are some ways we can let those feelings flow through without causing harm?

And how can we recommit to spreading as much kindness as possible?

This week my girls and I share one of our favorite songs reminding us of the importance of that simple sweetness.

Check out the video below to hear more:


My daughter said it best the other day after a walk around the land together, “Mama, it’s hard to feel mad for long when I’m outside.”

Nature has a way of neutralizing our upsets to help bring us back to our baseline feelings of calm again.

Let’s experiment this week!

*It’s important to agree on the plan together ahead of time, so make sure to share this first: 

The next time anyone in your family is feeling grumbly, or sad, or frustrated, agree to bring that upset outside for 10 minutes. 

You can cry, or stomp, or whack a tree with a stick…or curl up at the base of a tree.  Whatever feels helpful.

You can go alone if you prefer, or request someone be with you for support.

Notice how it feels to be outside with your emotions.

How does nature seem to respond?
Do your feelings shift in that 10 minutes?
What did you find the most helpful?

Feel free to make notes of your experience in your nature journal.

This is an experiment we did last spring and I was astounded at the results.  I’m curious what your results will be so please be sure to share!


Supplies needed:
2 Bean seeds
2 Paper towels or napkins
2 Small plates

1. Take each paper towel and fold it several times until it’s about the size of the palm of your hand.

2. Nestle one bean seed inside each paper towel.  Add just enough water to each paper towel so that it is soaked through but not dripping.

3. Now, hold one of the seeds and say kind things to it.  Give it lots of love and gratitude, maybe sing the song from the video to it.  Any ways you can think of to treat it with care. Put it in a safe spot where you can add a little water every day.  A little plate on the kitchen counter works well.

4. Next, hold the other seed and say mean things to it.  Don’t physically hurt the seed, but either give it ridicule or anger, or withhold your love.  Put it on another plate near the first seed, but make sure to keep track of which one is which.

5. Give each the same amount of water each day, and leave them in roughly the same spot. But each time you walk by, give the first seed more love, and the second seed some meanness.

6. After about 3 to 5 days, your seeds should be sprouting.  Make note of any differences between the two seeds.

Be sure to share your findings on the Facebook group!


(Choose one each day and either answer together around the meal table, or write about it in your family nature journal)

1. What do you most appreciate about being treated kindly?
2. What surprised you about expressing your upset outside?
3. What ways can you express your upset without harming the people and places around you?
4. How do you think nature is affected by the way we humans treat it?
5. What effect does your energy have on the world around you?
6. What are some ways you can spread more kindness every day?
7. What changes have you noticed in nature this week?


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