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  1. ‘Build your house on a firm foundation’. wasn’t that a song from Sunday school and what better expert on that subject then your dad. I know that he is helping you out now by fixing the issue that frost heave caused. Perhaps some natural concrete could go down there and help keep further frost heave to a minimum. We love seeing the progress of your dreams and are sad seeing the setbacks. We only want what’s best for you and your family, your new home and your business.

    • Hi Aunt Penny! Well, thankfully, the foundation has been solid all along. We have an amazing architect who designed the house to be as environmentally AND financially sustainable as possible. Part of this means as little concrete as possible. The root cellar will be a cement block wall, but the house itself is designed to last indefinitely, as long as we landscape the back hillside appropriately. That is the part that we messed up on. We didn’t grade the hill to be sloped away from the house, and so two of the trusses bowed forward slightly. Thankfully, they seem to be straightening out now that the hill was pulled away. Once the structure is complete, we will berm the backside of the house again.

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