IMG_3570We are blown away by all the beautiful emails and comments we received for Jonathan’s vision quest this week!  The support from friends near and far is deeply moving.

I was honored to tend the fire for him for part of the time, heating each stone one by one to pass into him to keep him warm. It was a misty rainy day, quiet and magical.

You know, we feel like we’ve been asking for so much from our community recently, with all the help needed for building the house and getting our roots established.  This indebtedness inspires a loyalty to you all that is so humbling. I actually felt sheepish reaching out for support yet again this week, but am so glad I did.  I continue to learn the lesson that both the giving AND receiving of support can be such a blessing.  It’s the real connections between us all that make this a life worth living.

Jonathan and I are very much looking forward to getting our infrastructure handled enough so we can get back to offering up our magical space for classes and events again soon.

Thank you!

Here are some words from Jonathan, who completed his quest on Tuesday night, and now has the challenging task of integrating into “normal” life again and bringing his vision to all of us:

“It was such a privilege to come out of the lodge to read all of your supportive comments!  I felt extremely supported on my 48 hour adventure without light, sleep, water, or food. It was just me, some blankets, and a set of deer antlers to handle to red hot stones. It was an experience unlike any I have had before. I did receive all the guidance and answers I was praying for, and much more. There were many healings from Spirit, and I got the space to explore some very deep and dark places that everyday life just doesn’t easily accommodate visiting. I feel that I received clear instruction and context for offering my gifts and abilities to my people, and I look forward to sharing them more fully in the near future. Thank you so much!”

Please feel free to contact Jonathan if you’d like to hear more about his experience.

And stay tuned in the next few weeks!  We’ll be sharing more soon, and we’ve got some really exciting seeds germinating right now that should be pushing their shoots up by spring.


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